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Exotogg Lightweight Inflatable Bodywarmer. UNISEX.

Nobody enjoys being cold and uncomfortable outdoors. When Mother Nature takes a turn for the worse, as she so often does, Exotogg keeps you warm and comfy. From long-distance biking, to scaling mountainous peaks, to cave exploration, Exotogg has got your back.
Using tough, recyclable TPU, the Exotogg provides highly efficient air-insulation, even when wet! It packs small and light, so you’re not weighed down with heavy and bulky sweaters. It’s antimicrobial & antibacterial so stays fresh for years to come.

It’s versatile! Use your Exotogg as:

  • a pillow
  • a trail seat
  • a sleeping pad
  • a flotation device*
  • a splint*
  • a dog cozy
  • a camera or wine-bottle protector

Enjoy your Exotogg guilt-free; no animals were harmed, and no animal products were used in the manufacture of this product. It doesn’t shed microfibers, and is fully recyclable.

*DISCLAIMER: Exotogg is not certified as lifesaving or medical equipment and should not be relied on as such.

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20 reviews for Exotogg

  1. Ronan

    Very pleased with quality and functionality

  2. Martin D.

    I’m very happy with Exotogg. It’s ability to shrug off water makes it very practical.I found that Wet/Cold, I used it in a Thermal capacity; while in warmer situations it became a Camp/Comfort item – chair,seat,pillow,airbed.The fact that you can self regulate – add/release – air allows it to meet the particular requirements at that time.
    I’ve used it for Cycle camping( relaxing at the end of a hard day;as temps drop), White water rafting(keeping the chills at bay;without restricting the shoulders/arms) and Motorbike touring(perfect for Altitude changes en route – warm/cold/warm etc.).

  3. Colin Godfrey

    Used in anger just once so far – wore deflated under jacket ready to inflate if needed. Worked fine when did so, though a little feeling of clamminess when un-inflated (journey of @ 3 hours)

  4. Ann Charles

  5. Joachim M.

  6. Ex-admin (store manager)

    it’s amazing!

  7. CHRIS

    It works surprisingly well and takes up little space in the top box, so is always to hand when additional warmth is needed!

  8. Anonymous

    Fantastic product. Used it climbing Kilimanjaro. Summit climb started at midnight and I was able to alter degree of warmth very easily as the altitude changed and the sun began to rise. Would definitely recommend this for anyone trekking at altitude

  9. Allan

    This is a great piece of kit and one that obviously has many uses….My wife uses it when she goes away with work (yes…she does nights and so even in summer it was used!). I have slept in it, sat on it and can only praise it….. It packs up so small and light that I rarely go anywhere without it now. You won’t be dissapointed. Buy one!!

  10. Roly

    Packs up small, works well, very simple but needs longer Velcro side straps for those of us with larger middles.

  11. Max Russell

    What a fantastic,comfortable and effective piece of kit. If you are looking for a British made body warmer, you need one of these in your kit bag.


    Unfortunately (or fortunately), since I bought it, the weather has been such that I have not had to use it other than a couple of occasions. I did enjoy using it as a pillow though on the ferry to and from Ireland recently.

  13. jim gerace

    Works as described, I have only used it in 40 degree weather and it kept me warm. Easy to inflate and deflate, the Velcro strips do not line up evenly front to back. The Velcro is higher in the front than on the back. Don’t have any idea why that is. No complaints, works well to keep torso warm, I will use it again when the weather gets cold for hiking and cycle riding. I hardly know it is on me, very comfortable.

  14. Saleh

    It works great as a wind barrier and insulator. The materials makes it easy to store.

  15. Jon

    Exotogg is excellent!

  16. Matthew Gibson

    Couldn’t be better!!

  17. Lee Goodwin

    Whilst not used in anger I find the build and feel is great I do carry just in case i need to use
    Quality product for a very decent and reasonable price.

  18. laura

    A very unique gift that brought warm and safety to winter bike rides. Such a simple idea paired with a quality finish.

  19. NICK A.

    Not used in extreme conditions just yet but can say the Exotogg did it’s job perfectly well when it was required and definitely made a big difference. A top quality product and a very fine addition to my collection of outdoor equipment.

  20. Anna Novak

    Bought my Togg last week. Very happy with weight of material – has high-quality feel. Just used it as a seat cushion on the very hard seats on my 8-hour flight. Fantastically comfortable. Can’t wait to use it for its intended purpose. Now busy trying to think up other things it can do!!

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