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Exotogg Lightweight Inflatable Gilet. UNISEX.

Nobody enjoys being cold and uncomfortable outdoors. When Mother Nature takes a turn for the worse, as she so often does, Exotogg keeps you warm and comfy. From long-distance biking, to scaling mountainous peaks, to cave exploration, to standing watching a freezing soccer match, Exotogg has got your back.
It packs small and light, so you’re not weighed down with heavy and bulky sweaters. Using tough, recyclable TPU, the Exotogg provides highly efficient air-insulation, even when wet. It’s antimicrobial & antibacterial so stays fresh for years to come. It’s even machine-washable should the outside get grubby.

It was designed to be incredibly versatile. So when you aren’t wearing it, you can use your Exotogg as:

  • a pillow
  • a trail seat
  • a sleeping pad
  • a flotation device*
  • a splint*
  • a dog cozy
  • a camera or wine-bottle protector

Enjoy using your Exotogg guilt-free; no animals were harmed, and no animal products were used in the manufacture of this product. It doesn’t shed microfibers, only non-toxic solvents were used during manufacture, and it is fully recyclable.

*DISCLAIMER: Exotogg is not certified as lifesaving or medical equipment and should not be relied on as such.

Additional information

Weight546 g
Dimensions322 × 316 × 53 mm

Regular, Short

27 reviews for Exotogg

  1. Mike Jones (verified owner)

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    Excellent. This will go everywhere with me from now on. Whether on motorbike or walking the hills and mountains. It’s incredibly warm and cosy.

  2. John Rolfe (verified owner)

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    Easy to use, not bulky, only need a few puffs to activate, does what it says. Was caught out a few weeks ago with sea mist?, pulled over, few puffs, off I went nice and snugg. Arms were a bit chilly, but my core was lovely and warm.so far so good, thank you??

  3. Susan (verified owner)

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  4. Elaine B. (verified owner)

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    Really warm but bit bulky

  5. Lionel (verified owner)

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    Test of the Exotogg on the MCC Exeter Trial 3rd & 4th January 2020
    The 236 mile Exeter Trial route is used primarily to get from one slope to the next and the timing is used mainly to keep the whole event on some sort of schedule rather than as a way of penalising competitors. Many of the Observed Sections, which is the name given to the muddy slopes on which one’s performance is ‘observed’ are the same ones which were used in the early 1900’s and are still as capable of challenging modern vehicles.
    As the start time of the Trial is 19:30 on the 3rd January and the finish time was 13:00 on the 4th the temperature range I needed my clothing to cope with was freezing to, if I was lucky, 6degs. The whole electrical heated jacket thing was explored, but attaching myself to the bike when riding offroad was fraught with breakages as I do part company with the bike on a regular basis and a battery pack just would not last for the 17 hours. Plus both options would be undoubtedly heavy.
    So when I saw Exotogg I thought here is the thing I have been looking for. As always though reading is one thing, proof of the pudding is in the wearing! So I parted with my cash & hoped it would work?!
    I initially tested the body warmer before the Exeter Trial on a normal winter off road trial as was surprised how light, flexible and warm the Exotogg was. Importantly I did not sweat buckets! Things were looking hopeful.
    So I the day of the Trail on went an under shirt, amour, a thin race shirt shirt the Exotogg and my Waxed Cotton Jacket. I just hoped this was going to work, else I was going to to be frozen.
    At the start it was cold, so in want a few puffs. Off we went and all seemed OK. As the night drew on it got colder and I just added a few more breathes. It was never boiling, I was never cold, but warm. As a by product of warmth I increased in size, but never lost body flexibility. Plus I also worked out when I inevitably fell I would bounce more!!
    As daylight came and temperatures increased (increased being a relative term on a cold day in England on January 4th) so I just let air out until, eventually, I was just wearing a totally deflated, but still windproof Exotogg.
    It worked perfectly with a rucksack, something I read others were worried about. It was always flexible, warm and importantly light.
    So thanks Exotogg, worth every penny!!!

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